FindTuner provides a comprehensive suite of features that give merchandisers the power and control to provide high-quality, relevant search results, enhance and personalize the shopping experience and optimize revenue and profitability.

Search Merchandising

Ensure perfect visibility of products, brands & categories. Respond to new product launches, promote seasonal items, and act quickly to trends.

Promote Important Products

Shape the ideal consumer experience by promoting products or product groups for any search or navigation. Use curated results pages with individual products, brands, categories and more. Increase average order value by seamlessly implementing cross-sell strategies.

Target with Precision

Easily pinpoint the right moment and create campaigns that resonate. Direct merchandising efforts towards lucrative user segments by crafting personalized user experiences.

Tailor to Any Audience

Show the right products at the right time with context aware promotions. Enhance your shopper's experience, whether mobile, tablet or desktop. Easily implement multivariate A/B tests to refine merchandising strategies.

Automated Relevancy

Drive the most relevant results and respond quickly to trends using shopper behavior, buying patterns, your analytics and proven machine learning models. 

Machine Learning

Continuously see search results improve with machine learning that uses shopper behavior, buying patterns and your analytics. Instantly respond to emerging trends without manual intervention.

Drive Uplift with Data

Take advantage of KPI metrics like revenue, inventory, ratings or sales rank to positively influence conversion.

Capitalize on User Profile Data

Deliver personalized results by leveraging user attributes, cohort analysis, referral source and onsite behavior. Favor a shopper's previous purchases or use geolocation to find locations closest to the shopper.

Shopper Experience

Show the right results at the right time with contextual promotions. Highlight important products, curate navigation and create the ideal experience.

Configure Guided Navigation

Improve the shopper's navigation experience by renaming, reordering or hiding any facet or value. Generate dynamic facets from catalog data. Create custom links to any related content.

Display Engaging Banners

Deliver engaging and creative messages to promote brands, offer discounts, or highlight merchandise using targeted banner displays.

Guide Shoppers Efficiently

Automatically direct searches and navigations to high value content. Funnel shoppers to meticulously crafted landing pages. Redirect searches for customer service to the customer service page.