SAP Commerce Merchandising

FindTuner for SAP Commerce gives merchandisers the power and control to create engaging search experiences and reduce the time for shoppers to find products and get to the checkout stage. FindTuner works seamlessly with your existing Solr installation with SAP Commerce and SAP Commerce Cloud. FindTuner's growing list of features provide the ability to efficiently merchandise one or more storefronts. FindTuner for SAP Commerce enable merchandisers to:

Promote Important Products

Shape the ideal consumer experience by promoting products or product groups for any search or navigation. Increase average order value by seamlessly implementing cross-sell strategies.

Machine Learning

Continuously see search results improve with machine learning that uses shopper behavior, buying patterns and your analytics. Instantly respond to emerging trends without manual intervention.

Drive Uplift with Data

Take advantage of KPI metrics like revenue, ratings, popularity, inventory or sales rank to positively influence conversion.

Target with Precision

Direct merchandising efforts towards lucrative user segments by crafting personalized user experiences. Easily pinpoint the right moment and create campaigns that resonate.


FindTuner for SAP Commerce creates exceptional search experiences that capture and convert shoppers. With FindTuner, merchandisers are empowered to:

  • Deliver great search and category results.
  • Merchandise based on a shopper's search, navigation, context or any combination.
  • Provide the perfect product mix using metrics such as revenue, rating, popularity, inventory or sales rank, or any combination.
  • Carry out multiple merchandising actions with precise targetting.
  • Guide shopper's navigation with strategies to reorder, rename, hide and show categories and values.
  • Perform precise query handling to increase precision and relevancy, flawlessly handle multi-word synonyms and auto-correct queries.
  • Schedule merchandising campaigns for seasonal or trending needs.
  • And much more...

FindTuner for SAP Commerce works seamlessly with your existing Solr installation with SAP Commerce and SAP Commerce Cloud. Deployment is as easy as installing our Extension.

FindTuner takes SAP Commerce merchandising to a new level allowing you to increase conversion, align merchandising and marketing strategies, optimize the digital shelf and provide better customer experiences. More information can be seen on our SAP App Center Listing page.

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