FindTuner 3.4 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the availablity of FindTuner 3.4! This release provides powerful automation for navigation, enables extension of machine learning models, and further enhances visual navigation capabilities.

Key Features

  • Powerful Automation for Navigation: FindTuner AutoTune expands its powerful machine learning capabilities by elevating the best brands, categories, and product features. Improve conversion and shopper experience by automatically providing the right facets for any context with important, actionable information from each shopper’s interaction on the storefront.
  • Extensible Machine Learning: FindTuner AutoTune expands its proven machine learning models to deliver the best products with no manual effort. Utilize engagement with promoted products, favorited items, quick-views and more to continuously improve search and navigation results for exceptional shopper experiences.
  • Enhanced Visual Navigation: FindTuner’s Visual Navigation has been enhanced to provide additional ways to define navigation paths that may combine categories, brands and any product attributes. Send shoppers to pages that convert, direct shoppers quickly to the content they seek, or inspire shoppers to explore the site.
  • And much, much more...

FindTuner 3.4 continues to build upon a foundation of extensive human-touch and automation features that have helped retailers of all sizes achieve their goals for search. Utilizing FindTuner's clickstream automation and machine learning, our short-term roadmap will continue to focus on providing more automation and machine learning to unlock the power of shopper behavior and historical order information and provide additional personalization and recommendation capabilities.

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