FindTuner 3.2 Now Available

We are excited to announce the availablity of FindTuner 3.2! This release provides powerful personalization, merchandiser-controlled algorithms and enhanced human-touch features.

Key Features

  • Powerful Personalization: FindTuner AutoTune takes personalization to new levels and delivers on important ecommerce objectives with new machine learning models. By unlocking the power of shopper behavior and historical order information, merchandisers are empowered to enable fast “buy again” strategies, elevate products the shopper has recently viewed, and ensure products that have high sell-through are always present for every context.
  • AutoTune for Merchandisers: FindTuner AutoTune’s proven machine learning models provide merchandisers more power to automatically rank products in ways that drive uplift. Enhancements include the ability to easily leverage clickstream events, perform personalization at any level, and utilize any available metric and product data regardless of data type. Provided by the new AutoTune Algorithm merchandising action, high-impact ranking strategies can be configured and deployed in minutes.
  • Enhanced Human-touch Features: FindTuner delivers new features for creating engaging search experiences. Merchandisers can create custom links to cross-sell opportunities or content that aids the buying decision. Sort options available on product listing and category results pages can be customized. Targeting capabilities have been enhanced to provide additional precision.
  • And much, much more...

FindTuner 3.2 continues to build upon a foundation of extensive human-touch and automation features that have helped retailers of all sizes achieve their goals for search. Utilizing FindTuner's clickstream automation and machine learning, our short-term roadmap will continue to focus on providing more automation and machine learning to unlock the power of shopper behavior and historical order information and provide additional personalization and recommendation capabilities.

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