FindTuner 3.0 Now Available

We are excited to announce the availablity of FindTuner 3.0! Utilizing feedback from our clients and partners, we completely overhauled and modernized the user interface, added new features that greatly enhance the ability to merchandise, and significantly invested to make deployment and upgrade quick and easy.

Key Features

  • Redesign the merchandising user interface for usability, efficiency and functionality making it easier than ever to accomplish business goals.
  • Implement query intent and entity extraction capabilities using the new, powerful Automatic Query Rewrite feature.
  • Improve product and category tuning that makes delivering the ideal search and navigation experience simpler.
  • Enhance system measurement through a new dashboard view that surfaces useful metrics about merchandising strategies.
  • Provide new and enhanced tools to administer, configure and manage the system.
  • Deliver greater visibility and instantaneous inspection of the effect of merchandising strategies. 
  • Consolidate services and simplify the installation and upgrade process to streamline deployments.
  • And of course much, much more...

FindTuner 3.0 builds upon its foundation of extensive human-touch and automation features that have helped retailers of all sizes achieve their goals for search. Building upon FindTuner's clickstream automation and machine learning, our short-term roadmap will continue to focus on providing more automation and machine learning to leverage purchase history and personalization data.

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