FindTuner Features

FindTuner provides a comprehensive suite of features that give merchandisers the power and control to provide high-quality, relevant search results, enhance and personalize the shopping experience and optimize revenue and profitability. FindTuner's growing list of features provide the ability to easily create and efficiently manage merchandising strategies for one or more storefronts.

Key Merchandising Features

FindTuner provides a rich set of merchandising actions for promoting products, providing a streamlined navigation experience, boosting results using machine learning, KPI's and metrics, and displaying promotional banners. Merchandising actions include:

  • Product tuning strategies to promote, demote, hide, show, and perform other precise actions.
  • Automated relevancy that uses machine learning to drive the best results from shopper behavior, buying patterns and analytics.
  • Automatic synonym discovery that funnels shoppers to the right products faster.
  • Query intent and entity extraction capabilities using the powerful Automatic Query Rewrite feature
  • Guided navigation strategies to reorder, hide and show categories and values.
  • Data-driven boosting to dynamically rank search results using metrics such as revenue, rating, popularity, inventory or sales rank, or any combination.
  • Curated results definition to ensure the perfect product visibility and placement.
  • Display banners based upon search query and results, organic search, PPC campaigns and more.
  • Redirect shoppers for common searches such as Customer Service or Shipping.
  • Ensure content is always visible by handling queries with zero results.
  • Manage synonyms, stopwords and other aspects of Solr.
  • Precise query handling to increase precision and relevancy, flawlessly handle multi-word synonyms and auto-correct queries.
  • And much more...

Target Your Shopper

FindTuner provides an extensive set of targets which can be combined to enable precise targeting of conditions that will optimize and personalize the shopper's experience. Merchandising actions can occur when a shopper:

  • Searches — the keyword contains or matches exactly specific keywords or phrases.
  • Navigates — merchandise based on the shopper's navigation on any category or value.
  • Is profiled — use what you know about the shopper to create a personalized experience.
  • Belongs to a segment — optimize based on segment, referrer, geo-location or any contextual information that is available.

Merchandising Management

FindTuner provides several tools that enable you to efficiently manage and organize merchandising strategies, including:

  • Analytics — FindTuner provides analytics that drive better search results and deliver a high level of insight to merchandisers.
  • Scheduling — Strategies may be configured to be active according to one or more schedules.
  • Tagging — Strategies are organized using tags and strategies may be be marked by one or more tags.
  • Searching — Strategies may be located by searching any information contained in the strategy.
  • Multiple Storefronts — Strategies may be defined and organized in multiple repositories to support multiple storefronts.


FindTuner provides user authentication and authorization by integrating with your LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory repository or using its own internal security system.


FindTuner can be installed on premise or in the cloud and is easily integrated with your storefront by simply directing your current Solr queries to the FindTuner Merchandising Server. FindTuner Merchandising Server is an ultra-reliable, lightweight, REST-ful interface that is highly scalable. It supports many high-traffic sites that have many millions of searches per day.

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