Automated Relevancy

Delivering great search does not have to be weighed down by manual effort and long deployment cycles. FindTuner's AutoTune feature automatically tunes relevancy by learning from shopper's behavior, purchase history and buying patterns and continuously delivers the best results with no manual effort. While FindTuner is learning from all your data, rest assured you have the control to use revenue or sales rank to ensure your best products are always in view.

Machine Learning

FindTuner's AutoTune feature drives the most relevant results using shopper behavior, buying patterns, your analytics and proven machine learning models. FindTuner instantly responds to emerging trends without manual intervention. Create an overall strategy or combine AutoTune with FindTuner's precise merchandising control to implement any merchandising objective, A/B test and more.

Drive Uplift with Data

High quality search results are achieved with influence from metrics such as revenue, inventory, rating, and sales rank. FindTuner lets you immediately visualize and take advantage of any data to dynamically rank results, positively influence conversion and create the perfect mix of products.

Capitalize on User Profile Data

Leverage data such as user attributes, cohort analysis, referral source and a shopper's onsite behavior to influence the relevancy of search results. Favor a shopper's previous purchases. Use geolocation to show results from the shopper's local store.  Display search and category results based on region.

Use FindTuner's powerful automated relevancy features to:

  • Provide consistently great seach results without manual effort.
  • Instantly respond to emerging trends.
  • Blend key ecommerce metrics like revenue with automated relevancy to achieve your goals.
  • Meet conversion objectives by leveraging machine learning and precise merchandising capabilities.
  • Empower the entire organization by dramatically reducing complexity and operational costs.

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