FindTuner for SAP Hybris Merchandising

FindTuner for SAP Hybris enables merchandisers to create personalized shopper experiences and helps reduce the time for shoppers to find products and get to the checkout stage.

FindTuner for SAP Hybris provides a comprehensive suite of features that give merchandisers the power and control to provide high-quality, relevant search results, enhance and personalize the shopping experience and optimize revenue and profitability. FindTuner's growing list of features provide the ability to easily create and efficiently manage rules for one or more storefronts.

FindTuner for SAP Hybris features enable merchandisers to:

  • Deliver more relevant search results
  • Merchandise when a shopper searches, navigates or both.
  • Define multiple merchandising actions with precise trigger conditions.
  • Promote, demote, hide, show products with precision.
  • Ensure the perfect product visibility and placement with curated results.
  • Dynamically rank search results using metrics such as conversion, rating, popularity, inventory or sales rank, or any combination.
  • Guide shopper's navigation with rules to reorder, rename, hide and show categories and values.
  • Display banners based upon search query and results, organic search, PPC campaigns and more.
  • Redirect shoppers for common searches such as Customer Service or Shipping.
  • Handle zero-results to ensure content is always visible.
  • Schedule merchandising campaigns for seasonal or trending needs.
  • Precise query handling to increase precision and relevancy, flawlessly handle multi-word synonyms and auto-correct queries.

FindTuner for SAP Hybris works seamlessly with your existing Hybris Solr installation and product indexing process. Deployment is as easy as installing our Hybris addon.

FindTuner takes Hybris merchandising to a new level allowing you to increase conversion, align merchandising and marketing strategies, optimize the digital shelf and provide better customer experiences.

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