Replace Endeca with FindTuner

Digital merchants strive to meet the changing demands of today's digital shoppers with efficient navigation, superior search and personalized promotions. Aging tools like Endeca lack the flexibility to keep up with the ever-evolving needs of shoppers, merchandisers and marketers.

Replacing Endeca with FindTuner allows merchants to provide better shopping experiences, align merchandising and marketing strategies, and reduce licensing and maintenance costs. FindTuner's growing list of features enables merchandisers to:

Promote Important Products

Shape the ideal consumer experience by promoting products or product groups for any search or navigation. Increase average order value by seamlessly implementing cross-sell strategies.

Feature Products and Categories

Highlight contextually relevant products and categories as shoppers search and browse your catalog.

Customize Navigation

Guide shopper's navigation with relevant, dynamic facets. Improve the shopping experience by renaming, reordering or hiding any facet or value.

Drive Uplift with Data

Take advantage of KPI metrics like conversions ratings, popularity, inventory or sales rank to positively influence conversion.

Target with Precision

Direct merchandising efforts towards lucrative user segments by crafting personalized user experiences.

Migrate from Endeca to FindTuner to:

  • Empower merchandisers with superior relevancy control.
  • Meet conversion objectives by leveraging machine learning and precise merchandising capabilities.
  • Flawlessly handle multi-word synonyms and auto-correct queries.
  • Empower the entire organization by dramatically reducing complexity, licensing and operational costs.

We offer Endeca conversion scripts and deployment consulting services to help you launch the solution quickly. Please click here to Tour FindTuner and Contact Us for more details or schedule a demo today!